Karim Kronfli

A Dramatic Voice

Voice Actor

Voice Reels

Karim Kronfli as a Voice Actor

Here are my performance reels for various styles of voice work including my voice actor character reel. 

My character reel is drawn from a selection of previously completed audio drama projects. I am regularly selected for my range, vocal presence, and dramatic voice.

 The projects span a range of genre, sci fi, fantasy, comedy, contemporary drama, and horror.

Home Studio

At home I have a professional recording studio. It is well connected, enabling live directed sessions with editors and producers from all over the world. I am able to work either from my home studio or from your chosen studio in the UK. I live in High Wycombe in Buckinghamhire within easy reach of London.  



If you would like to discuss an upcoming project please send an email and I'll guarantee you a response within 24 hours.  Send an email to discuss availability and project rates.

Voice Actor and Experienced Performer

I have been a professional performer for over 30 years, as an actor, voice artist, juggler, and firebreather. Many years of performing in front of, and engaging with spectators developed vocal flexibility, audience management, and solid improv skills.


Training at City Lit (Directing Different Plays & Acting for Radio) helped me develop as a director, and voice actor. This also enhanced my all round acting skills and allowed me to diversify and deploy my acting skillset into different media.

Voice Artist

I regularly appear in many different audio dramas, and other voice work projects. My portfolio as a voice actor behind the microphone showcases a wide spectrum of characters and genre. Over the last 12 years I've appeared in over 450 episodes of audio drama. I work with a range of production companies both established and emerging.


I also narrate for commercial projects & charities. My portfolio encompasses several explainer videos, animations and presentations. I have a strong technical background which enables me to display domain specialist and in depth knowledge of IT and other scientific & engineering subjects with accurate pronunciation.

Awards and Nominations

Audioverse Award Winner 

Best Recurring Voice in a New Production 2023

Dracula - Re:Dracula

Best Performance of a New Spoken Word Production 2019

Astronaut - The Moonologue Sessions

Best Actor in a Self Contained Dramatic Production 2017 

Walter Mix - What's the Frequency

Audioverse Award Finalist 

Best Guest Performer in a New Production 2022


Best Performer in a New Production 2022

Dr Anthony Sinclair & Sgt Roberts - Doctor Who: Redacted

Minnesota Web Fest - Nomination

Best Dramatic Performance in a Podcast 2023

Dracula - Re: Dracula

Voice Acting Highlights 

Acting Profiles